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A steel trading company with a solid track record

Manufacture your products with top-quality materials!

That is our starting point. Besides gratings and stair steps, we do not make other end products ourselves… but we do ensure that you can work with quality materials. We have an exceptionally wide assortment so that you can choose and order exactly what you need… from large series to a single piece, in raw form or finished according to your requirements.

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About us

For five generations, Staalhandel Rosseel has been a fixture in the wider Tielt region as a supplier of all kinds of steel products and other raw materials for the construction and metal industry.

From small and large contractors in construction and renovation to metal companies and technical services in and around Tielt… every customer can count on Rosseel for the highest quality materials. You also receive personal service and flexibility in delivery/collection!

Custom finishes

Besides cutting to the desired length, our workshop can also carry out other work processes. This can range from drilling and welding to painting in the desired colour. This can provide tremendous added value if you immediately receive the exact products you need, especially for small runs.

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This is a link to the 'Vade mecum of Steel Products', a pocket reference (or enchiridion) providing a global overview of the steel products available at Rosseel.

Rosseel NV
Punctual pick up or delivery

Every workday starting at 7 am, you can collect your order free of charge. Moreover, we also offer the option of delivery to your workshop or worksite.

Our driver arrives at the site at the agreed time and ensures you receive the correct delivery of the desired goods, regardless of whether it is a large order or just a few pieces.

And we always strive to help as quickly as possible. For example, if you need a piece during the workday, we will do our utmost to deliver it.

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